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I work with students in two ways.

If you want a college advisor that cares about your success just as much as you do, I am your coach.

Wherever you are at in the college process, I can help you.

#1: I help students to achieve their goal SAT or ACT score and prepare for their dream schools. 


Mastering the SAT and ACT is about so much more than learning math.

Raising your score doesn't need to be difficult, you just need to learn the right strategy. To achieve your goal score and prepare for top schools, you need to learn how to manage your time, manage your mind, and master the concepts on the SAT and ACT. Results don't take time. Results require the right method.

That's why I created a simple, effective process to help you achieve the results you want. 100% guaranteed with lifetime access. It's called the Success System

To raise your score, you need three things: skills, strategy, and support. We've combined all three to help you get results before your next test day. 

You will start by learning how to master every skill on the SAT and ACT. 

Then you will learn the expert strategy you need to implement on test day to score highly and improve quickly.

And you will receive so much support from my team and I that your success will be inevitable. This includes 24/7 email & text support, lifetime access to weekly live tutoring, and much more. 

The SAT/ACT process isn't just about a test score, it's about transforming into a more confident and skilled version of yourself. This is your opportunity to become the person who is ready for your dream school.

If you're ready to begin this work together to achieve your goal score, reach your dream school, and accomplish more than you ever thought possible click below to learn more! 

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Rebecca raised her ACT Math score by 6 points in 48 Hours.

When you have the right strategy and materials, results don't take time.

Jocelyn Raised Her SAT Score by 250 Points

Jocelyn followed the set curriculum we have in our program to a T and was accepted into her dream school early.

Linda raised her score by 170 pts in 10 weeks.

Linda says “this program allowed me to have access to people who were willing to help me and reach exclusive resources and information I couldn’t normally get in any other programs."

Caro feels more confident in her math abilities after just 7 days.

Caro says "after being in the Success System for a week, I have 24/7 support from my tutor. I feel like this is one of the best decisions I could've made for myself and my future."



#2: I work with students 1 on 1 to get accepted into some of the most competitive schools in the country.



If you’re a junior or senior who wants to attend a highly competitive school, perfect grades and scores are just the beginning.

As someone who attends Stanford, one of the most competitive schools in the country, I know exactly what you need to do to stand out.

You need a flawless academic record, impactful extracurricular activities, and compelling essays that will set you apart in a competitive applicant pool. I help students combine these elements of their application to tell an award-winning story about themselves. Admission officers will see through any attempts to fake who you are. The best application is one that authentically represents YOU. Working together, you will:

  • Create beautifully written college essays that stand out, convey your story, and fill you with joy when you read them
  •  Learn how to expertly discuss your activities and prepare for interviews
  •  Receive answers to all the questions currently leaving you stuck
  •  Beat procrastination and finish your college applications early 
  •  Complete tasks on time with a streamlined process so that you can stop feeling frazzled or behind 
  •  Create more time and ease for yourself by learning how to create better results in 1/2 the time 


I got into Princeton and Yale! To say that I'm satisfied would be a HUGE understatement.

"I recently just worked with Janae on my college essays and to say that I’m satisfied would be a HUGE understatement. Her editing has really just made me feel confident in my writing and feel confident that I’m putting my best foot forward in the college application process, especially to highly selective schools. Janae does several rounds of revisions, so every single time she looks at it with a fresh perspective and my voice really shines through. In the end, everything adds up and you get an idea of who I am and that’s the whole point of these essays - to convey yourself the best that you can. Coming from someone who isn’t the best writer, working with Janae has really made my essays shine. I would like to thank Janae and her entire team so much for helping me with these essays! Making this small investment into my future was definitely worth it as she invests so much care and effort to help me achieve my goals."

- Meera, Class of 2021


I work with my students 1 on 1 to create these results through:

  • Weekly college coaching during the entirety of college application season (Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec)
  •  A 3-step simple, effective process to structure the college application process
  •  1 on 1 support in developing a story that will set you apart from other students
  •  Unlimited revisions with 1 on 1 essay-editing for your Common Application essay, UC applications, and supplemental essays for any competitive schools
  •  24/7 text and email support to provide support & answer any ?s you have between sessions
  •  Time-management coaching to help you STOP procrastinating and START sustainably managing college applications, classes, exams, and extracurriculars

If you’re serious about attending a top school, I am your coach. If you are a parent or student, click below to schedule a consult with me where we will identify what you’re currently struggling with, create a plan for you, and discuss how we can work together to get you into your dream school.

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