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Get ready to learn how to achieve your goal score and reach your dream school using a simple, effective 3-step process. Apply for the Success System below!

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800+ Practice Problems & 40+ Hours of Material

Master the skills required to score highly with access to a plethora of practice material

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Let me know if this sounds like you...

  • You are ready to kiss the SAT and ACT goodbye FOREVER 
  • You've been studying hard for the SAT or ACT, but your score has remained stagnant
  • You're under pressure because you need a higher score for your dream school
  • You're confused about what to practice to do well and would like a step-by-step plan
  • Khan Academy and test-prep books just aren't working for you (it's ok they didn't work for me either) 
  • You have a test approaching - and you're already busy - so you need to know how to raise your score in a short amount of time
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Trust me, I know the feeling. 

The summer before I applied to Stanford I knew that I needed to raise my score if I wanted to have any chance of getting accepted. After taking the PSAT, PACT, SAT, and ACT several times, I tried studying with Khan Academy and lengthy test-prep books - but I still couldn't achieve my goal score. Between juggling AP classes and other extracurriculars, I knew that I needed a quick solution that wouldn't waste my time.

Finally, I figured it out. Using the specific strategy and curriculum I teach, I raised my SAT score by 150+ points and scored in the 99th percentile for the SAT & ACT. This truly changed my life. I was accepted into several top schools, including Stanford my dream school, and able to win thousands of dollars in scholarships. Now as an SAT/ACT expert who has helped students around the world raise their SAT and ACT scores, I have condensed my 1000+ hours of experience into one phenomenal program. Over the course of the next few months, you will learn how to rapidly raise your SAT or ACT score so that you can achieve your goal score and get into the school of your dreams. 

The SAT/ACT Success System cuts out the fluff so that you can stop studying the wrong thing. You will earn exactly what you need to know to get massive results on test-day.

In the Success System, we focus on a simple 3-step process to get results. We teach you the skills, we teach you the strategy, and we give you the support you need to make your success inevitable.

You will gain the knowledge to look at a problem, analyze it quickly, and identify the correct answer every single time - using the strategy we teach you to get INSIDE the test writer's head. 

As soon as you join us, I will teach you everything that you need for the process of raising your score - so that what feels impossible begins to feel easy.

 You will get weekly tutoring on every skill tested on the SAT or ACT, so that you can stop guessing and begin mastering the test. MOST students actually waste their time studying the wrong thing, we cut out the guesswork.

 You will get an entire online school for life with 40+ hours of training. I breakdown every skill that is tested on the SAT and ACT and you can pause and re-watch these training as many times as you like. Mastering every skill is HOW you create higher scores.

 You will receive access to individualized support - you can text a tutor at anytime. We help you get results in your own life using the 3-step process and walk you through the questions that come up as you're learning new skills. 

 You will learn the strategy that will give you confidence on test day. Your energy on test day influences your results. So, you need testing strategy that is going to give you clarity and confidence. The Success System will make you an expert at testing with time pressure. 

You can get started IMMEDIATELY. You will have LIFETIME ACCESS. 

And you either raise your score, or get your money back. 

And receive access to an entire course to help you with college applications. 

We will help you raise your score in less than 90 days. We will continue helping you for as much time as you need.

What's Included? 

To raise your score, you need three things: skills, strategy, and support. We've combined all three to help you get results before your next test day. 

  • 800+ practice problems and 40 hours of practice exercises 
  • 24/7 support community with tutors and students so that you can ask questions at any time
  • Lifetime access to weekly tutoring & our online school. The last program you ever need.

  • Live tutoring 2-3x/week and 24/7 text & email support

  • Mindset, time management, and test strategy coaching for academic success

  • Weekly College advising, essay-editing, and mentorship on college applications

  • SAT/ACT Testing Strategy Secrets that You Need to Save Time 

  • Downloadable study guides and worksheets to upgrade your study sessions
  • Personalized online school with a curriculum that will tell you exactly what to study

Yes, you read that correctly. You get access to this program for life. We're here to support you with tutoring for as long as you need.


Step 1: Apply for The SAT/ACT Success System

Take 1 minute to fill out the form below to apply for The SAT/ACT Success System. My team and I will review your application and contact you shortly.


Step 2: Get Your Custom 90 Day Plan

After filling out the application, you will receive an email with enrollment details if your application is approved. You can enroll directly or book your strategy call by selecting a time when you and a parent are available to talk. On this call, I will create a free personalized 90-day plan and walk you through the process of how we will raise your score together over the next few weeks. I will then answer all your questions and show you how to enroll in the program. 

Step 3: Achieve Your Goal Score

We'll immediately start helping you achieve your goal score and learn the strategy you need for the test day. Even better, you'll grow into a more skilled version of yourself that will feel CONFIDENT applying to your dream school. 

Apply for the SAT/ACT Success System Below 

My team and I have limited spots for this program, so make sure to apply before spots are filled! After your application is complete, schedule your strategy call on the next page :)

Gabby Raised Her ACT Score by 3 Points in Less than 30 Days

using Janae's tutoring program and the strategies taught in the Master Class.


Rebecca raised her ACT Math score by 6 points in 48 Hours

using our 5-step formula taught in the Master Class! She now feels more confident applying to Stanford in the fall.


Jocelyn Raised Her SAT Score by 250 Points

using the practice curriculum covered in the webinar and now has confidently applied to her dream school.

Here is everything you will learn...  

Module1: Algebra, Exponents, and How to Solve SAT/ACT Word Problems

Module 2: Quadratics, Synthetic Division, and Functions 

Module 3: Angels on a Transversal, Trigonometry, and Systems of Equations

Module 4: Geometry, Polynomials, Inequalities, and Factoring

Module 5: Nested Functions, Slope, and Probability, 

Module 6: Every Grammar rule you need to know for the SAT & ACT 

Module 7: How to Master SAT & ACT Grammar 

Module 8: Secrets to Ace the SAT/ACT Reading Section

Module 9: How to Master & Save Time on SAT/ACT Math

Module 10: Secrets to Ace the ACT Science Section

Bonus Trainings: How to Plan Your Week, Manage Your Time, Beat Procrastination, and Create MORE time in your life

Bonus Trainings: How to Win Thousands of Dollars in Scholarships

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Linda raised her score by 170 pts in 10 weeks.

“This program allowed me to have access to people who were willing to help me and reach exclusive resources and information I couldn’t normally get in any other programs. My score actually rose 170 points after going through this course and with their tips and strategies, I will continue to increase my score and try new approaches I hadn’t considered before.” 

Tayler raised her score by 210 points in 10 weeks.

"Honestly, I would have to say for me the Success System was a pivotal moment in my educational learning but also my life journey. The SAT/ACT Success System definitely allowed me to figure out what I needed to do and why what I was doing was wrong. I even texted Janae at like 9 pm one night and was like "Janae I'm struggling, can you please help me?" and she immediately got back to me, gave me a full explanation, and allowed me to understand the deeper reason of why what I was doing was wrong. And for that, I am forever grateful. I’m so happy with this program and all that it has taught me about active learning and the SAT. I will definitely be using these skills that I acquired in school (now and in college) and life! I was able to raise my score by 210 points, I’m so so so beyond grateful for you and Thomas and your entire program. Thank you, Janae!"


Hear From Our Students Themselves...

"I had zero confidence at all with taking tests. I just did not think I was good at math, but now I’m scoring almost perfect scores on my SAT tests, my grammar, and English tests, and school has been so much better just because of Janae, and I know that I’ll get a great score on the SAT."

- Delaney

Meet Janae!

CEO of Jan(A+)e Tutoring and Lead Instructor 

After rising to the top of her class, becoming a go-to tutor, and scoring in the 99th percentile for the SAT and ACT, Janae has helped students around the world raise their test-score and navigate the college application process. With over 1000 hours of tutoring experience, she now manages a team of tutors, teaches several courses, and helps students around the world. As a Stanford student, Janae utilizes her first-hand knowledge about tutoring and the college application process to help students achieve personal and academic success. At Stanford, Janae is majoring in Management Science and Engineering with a minor in Education. If you need an SAT or ACT tutor that cares about your success just as much as you do, Janae is the tutor for you.

Do You Want to Quickly Raise Your Score so that You Can Create a Better Future for Yourself? 

My team and I are 1000% committed to getting you there. We know how life-changing winning scholarships and getting accepted into your dream school can be. THIS is the program for you and we can't wait for you to join!

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